Geometry adjustment

Geometry adjustment

Perfect geometrical adjustment for your road handling.

Among its specialties, Llm-Mecasport has specialised tooling to carry out your geometry adjustment.

With this hunter device, which we are one of the only garages in the province of Liège to use, we can apply and adjust your vehicle with standard settings as recommended
by the manufacturer or setups modified for use in track days or racing.

Whether for use in racing or daily use, our level of precision will ensure road handling that often exceeds the recommended values.

You will gain in driving comfort, greater safety at the wheel and a saving on the wear of the mechanics and in particular your tyres.

Réglage géométrie
Réglage géométrie

The advantages of good geometry:

The advantages of a good geometry are numerous:

  • It prevents uneven tyre wear.
  • More stable vehicle behaviour, especially in a straight line.
  • A perfectly curved trajectory for your vehicle.
  • Lowering of fuel consumption.
  • Improved road holding performance.
  • As part of use for racing or track days, it allows:
  • Constant wear of the tyre.
  • An increase in grip and better behaviour of the vehicle.
  • A good temperature increase of the tyres.

In case of doubt about your vehicle, our team will carry out several checks and will make any necessary modifications.

Why LLM-Mecasport?

Our workshop is the only one near the circuit that has perfect knowledge of the needs of a luxury car. This
experience in this high-end sector allows us to perfectly target the setting that will make the difference when driving.

LLM-Mecasport also consists of a dynamic and passionate team. A workshop located a few metres from the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps and which aims to target perfection in each intervention.

Réglage géométrie
Réglage géométrie
Réglage géométrie

Perfect geometrical adjustment for your road handling.