Diagnostic of your Porsche

Porsche Diagnostics

Porsche diagnostics thanks to our official computers.

As a brand specialist, our team had to set up a Porsche diagnostic service. So we opted for official computers.

A technology that allows us to perfectly target the needs of your car. The Porsche Piwis Tester diagnostic computer is used to read through the OBD socket the memory of the various electronic computers that make up the vehicle’s electrical system. The result is a series of tasks and checks on the various electronic components of your Porsche.

Diagnostique Porsche

Porsche Diagnostics in depth:

Thanks to these Porsche diagnostics, we can carry out a whole set of measurements and checks:

  • The value of Lambda probes.
  • Verification of mileage as well as over-revving ranges.
  • Verification of all sensors, solenoid valves and electrical equipment.
  • Reset of the different maintenance indicators.
  • Calibration of the different electronic boxes.
  • Upgrade the software of your case.
  • Encoding of the keys.
  • It also controls the oil level on the latest models.

Advanced technology:

A diagnostic approach very rarely used by conventional garages. This is about using the most appropriate equipment to maintain your exceptional vehicle.

Our workshop at the heart of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit also features Snap-on tools. By clicking here you can find a page dedicated to the use of these tools. You’re driving the best, so we’ll treat your car with the best!

Diagnostique Porsche 3

Porsche diagnostics thanks to our official computers.